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We are currently working with several organisations as our Community Partners to deliver projects across the Black Country and Birmingham. These Current Projects range from Community Engagement projects to Employment training.


Continue reading to find out about our Completed Projects and their outcomes....


Bloxwich Youth Consultancy 2023

Our consultancy work has been commissioned by Walsall Council to find out what services that young people in Bloxwich Town would like to see in the new Incubation and Digital Access centre.



Children in Need 2019-22

This project involved several shorter projects:​

  • The Lighthouse 2019 Summer Holiday Project 

  • The Lighthouse 2019 Autumn Holiday Project 

  • Summer 2020 Project 

  • The Lighthouse 2021 Summer Holiday Project

Outside of The Lighthouse Young People's Centre building in Birmingham

Youth Connect Summer 2021

We delivered a Video Production course across 3 weeks for Youth Connect at Pleck Youth Centre for young people aged 10-16. Participants helped to contribute towards the final project which was producing a promotional video for the centre. 

Youth Connect group photograph with workers and facilitators

River's House 2021

We worked with some of the residents of River’s House, a temporary housing unit in Walsall, to deliver our Video Production Course, leading to the creation of a documentary about the unit.

One young boy kicking a football on his own in a garden

Walsall Youth Justice 2019-20

This project consisted of individuals who explored barriers into further education, training and employment, creating a 47-minute documentary film which explored issues relating to their past behaviours which consequently made them NEET.

reformation pic.webp

Cadbury College 2018

OLM was able to work with a diverse group of 8 young people from the college, delving into a plethora of skills and knowledge required within the media industry and were able to create a tangible piece of work that they could be proud of.

Outside photograph of Cadbury College

Just Youth Summer 2021

We connected with Sandwell Council’s Youth Service known as “Just Youth” to train a group of young people in Podcast Production at The Coneygre Arts Centre, and were able to work together to create 2 Podcast Episodes.

Facilitators leading a session whilst standing in front of seated participants

Skate Documentary Summer 2021

OLM produced a Skateboarding documentary for ‘Just Youth’ and Sandwell Council to showcase children being taught how to skate and being provided meals through 5 weeks of events as part of the Government's HAF (Holiday Activities and Food) 2021 scheme.

Open Lens Media staff filming and collecting sound recordings at a skate park with several young people in front of them

Talent Match 2020

We were successful in joining Talent Match's PSN (Preferred Supplier Network) to work with 2 individuals under this contract and delivered a podcasting programme to help develop their confidence and raise their aspirations. 

Black Country Talent Match logo

Broadway Academy 2019

OLM worked with high-achieving Year 9 pupils, the Headteacher of Broadway Academy and the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner on this project. Pupils produced a 10-minute documentary film that has since been widely used in governors’ meetings, school conferences, and further afield.

Outside photograph of Broadway Academy
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