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Two participants and one facilitator standing behind a camera which is filming a third participant standing in a corridor


Aim of Project

The Shape Forum provides the opportunity for young people to meet other young people aged 11-23 across the Sandwell Borough, regionally and nationally, organise SHAPE Events and act as a consultation group for Sandwell Council services and partner agencies. Open Lens Media was approached by the Forum in 2021 to help shape their project on Anti-Bullying. The Forum wanted a training resource created by young people that would help to inform local Anti-Bullying policy and training.

Delivery and Outcome

We delivered our Media Production programme to teach the young people essential camera skills that would help them to create the training videos. Across seven sessions, the participants were taught skills in camera operation, audio production, script writing, storytelling, creative development, etc. all leading up to them developing their final narrative for their films which would be used as part of Sandwell Council’s Anti-Bullying Roadshow. The six training videos were produced in collaboration with Sandwell College and Gazebo Theatre. These videos were received positively in the training, and we also received positive feedback from the participants in the Forum who enjoyed their training.



“This programme actually exceeded my expectations – I learned quite a lot.” Muneerah, 18


“I expected a lot less and found it really engaging, I’ve developed camera knowledge and practical skills.” Josh, 16

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