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Outside of The Lighthouse Young People's Centre building


Delivery and Outcome

Our two Lighthouse Lens Reporters were hired after receiving training during the LCCTV project to receive a three-month paid internship to create Instagram content for The Lighthouse Young People's Centre, Birmingham, using the skills they had learnt during the project. This gave them the opportunity to develop interview skills and practice the skills in a mock interview scenario.


With the support of Open Lens Media staff, the Reporters created promotional videos, still graphics, and took photographs for The Lighthouse's Instagram account. Examples of the work completed by the Reporters can be found below and on @TheLighthouseYPC Instagram account.

Case Study

Participant A is a 16-year-old female in the last year of Secondary School. She began LCCTV project with minimal media knowledge and only a basic user understanding of social media. Throughout LCCTV, the Participant learnt many new technical skills and handled equipment she had never used before. During the project, Participant A noted that she would like to work on her communication skills and be more professional when sending emails. After being hired as a Lighthouse Lens Reporter, the Participant had to send and reply to emails promptly with content, and to send information regarding her working hours; the Participant was able to work on her professionalism and confidently sent emails to OLM staff and to the Lighthouse staff in a professional manner.

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