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Making A Difference In Our Community

At Open Lens Media CIC, we see the value in providing people with all the tools, resources, and support they need in order to reach their full potential.

We achieve this by being guided by our purpose to help develop the communities we work with by helping them to overcome barriers to progression. 

Our social aim is to deliver valuable and quality services to ensure that young people stemming from hard-to-reach backgrounds have equal access to opportunities that propel them into further education, employment or training; helping them to secure a brighter future.

Our commitment to listening to young people also means hearing what they have to say and how they are affected by society. In doing so, we aim to support them in making their voices heard in order to facilitate positive changes in Education, Employment, and Training. 


At the core of OLM, we pride ourselves on supporting and empowering young people. During 2023, we've stepped up our community consultation experience and continued to deliver meaningful projects to some incredible young people, helping them to upskill, and supporting their next steps into education, employment, or training.


Find out how it all went in our 2023 Annual Report.

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