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Black Country Impact participant standing behind a camera which is on a tripod outside


Aim of Project

In 2022, Open Lens Media worked under both Walsall and Sandwell Council to deliver programmes under the Black Country Impact Scheme. Under this contract, we have been working with young people who are looking to get into further education, employment, or training to develop their soft and employability skills. We have been using media as an engagement tool for creative expression that allows participants to identify and overcome their barriers to progression.

Delivery and Outcome

At the point of writing this report, we have been delivering our “Using Media to Develop Personal Skills” programme to several young people who have all achieved various outcomes. Many of our participants on this programme reported an increase in both technical skills and soft skills including self-esteem and confidence.

Note: We’re extremely pleased to announce that in 2022 we were recommissioned by Walsall Council to be a skills provider until the scheme closure in 2023.


Here is what a few participants had to say about their time on the programme:


“I did learn a lot and gained a lot from the group; I enjoyed using the camera and learning camera angles, different shot takes and audio was most valuable.” Mo, 20


“I didn’t have any expectations going into this course but I enjoyed learning all the different angles and editing” Natasha, 29


“I gained some interesting skills from this course. I felt the most valuable things that I learned were the different camera skills, shot frames and terminologies because they are what would help me in my foreseen future and are what I am passionate about.” Bethany, 20

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