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Who We Are.


We use Media Production, Communication, and Digital Skills activities to improve soft skills, educational attainment, and support creative expression. We also deliver engagement services that provide social research into complex issues faced by marginalised communities and encourage social action.

Working closely with children, young people, and young adults between the ages of 11-15, 16-24, and 25-35, we deliver programmes that support them in successfully transitioning into further education, employment, training, or developing their entrepreneurial talents.


Our mission is to create and provide innovative and interactive learning tools, within safe and fun environments that engage young people and encourage them to develop their personal, professional, entrepreneurial and academic skills.


We aim to ensure that young people stemming from hard-to-reach backgrounds have equal access to opportunities that propel them into further education, employment or training; helping them to secure a brighter future.


Cultural Engagement

Understanding the importance of cultural differences and community intersectionality.


Ensuring every person we work with feels safe and supported.

Continually nurturing a better organisational culture, employee satisfaction, motivation and engagement.


Respecting the diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and cultures of individuals in contributing to what we do.


Social Action

Adding value to communities through impactful work and measurable change.

We operate within a vast network of local authorities, educational establishments and youth and community organisations across the West Midlands, providing opportunities to young people across the region.

Interested in becoming our Community Partner? Click here to find out more.

Our range of programmes in Film, Radio, Podcasting, TV, and Video Production teach transferable skills by embedding hidden learning methods into our technical and practical sessions. As a result, graduates learn skills in:​

  • Teamwork

  • Presentation Skills 

  • Problem-Solving

  • Time Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Organisation Skills

  • Leadership

  • Creative Writing

  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making


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