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Reflecting On My First 6 Months At Open Lens Media

It’s May and I have now been working as a Digital Content Creator & Marketer at Open Lens Media for 6 months. And what an amazing 6 months it has been! Since joining the team, I have had a number of new and exciting experiences and have been presented with incredible opportunities. My job has allowed me to pair my interest in social action with my love of social media, whilst expanding my media knowledge to new lengths.

From capturing behind-the-scenes footage of participants engaging in our programmes, working in new locations across the Black Country and Birmingham, designing and uploading fresh content for our social media channels, to publishing this newsletter each month; my job role is undoubtedly varied, enjoyable, and entirely rewarding.

Being able to work with a team of talented, hard-working creatives has meant that I have been encouraged to evolve and prosper in my own work whilst being taught new media skills in a space that nurtures my career growth. I am truly looking forward to continuing my work at Open Lens Media carrying out valuable projects in our local community and progressing further in my professional life with everyone.

Rima Ismail

Digital Content Creator and Marketer



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