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Celebrating 1 Year at Open Lens Media

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Since joining Open Lens Media over a year ago I have been presented with a number of opportunities that have helped me to develop myself independently as well as part of the team. Often people tell you to try to find a job that doesn’t feel like work, and that’s exactly what I did when I started working for Open Lens Media.

Growing up, I was unsure on what sort of career I wanted to pursue. I gravitated towards creative industries as well as education. By working for Open Lens Media it has allowed me to indulge myself within media production in addition to facilitation and session delivery.

During my first 6 months at Open Lens Media, I created a series called 1 in 1 Million. This series was designed to celebrate the achievements of truly outstanding individuals under 29 in the West Midlands. I met some great people when producing this content, some of which I am still in regular contact with. I have also helped create Season 2 of A State of Opinions podcast, the Sandwell Skatepark Documentary, as well as many other various projects for Open Lens Media.

What I enjoy most about working for Open Lens Media is the variety of work I am able to do and the people I work alongside. No day is the same; I have been out and about, I’ve been in the office, to youth centres, skateparks, job fairs, and many more locations whilst always being in the company of some truly great people.

Josh Fox

Production & Facilitation Assistant



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