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Reporting on Disproportionality with Walsall Youth Justice

Walsall Youth Justice Service approached Open Lens Media to develop a full serviced project that provided dedicated and tailored support to Black and Mixed Heritage boys within the WYJS. As a result, we developed a bespoke three-tiered programme that incorporated:

  • Internal team training in Disproportionality, Unconscious Bias, and Cultural Identity.

  • Dedicated personal and professional development support for young boys to support them in re-engaging in education, employment, or training through our Pathway Programme.

  • Production of a Documentary film with heads of service in early years, police, children’s services, and Youth Justice to investigate what changes are being made to reduce the issues of over-representation.

Alongside the release of the documentary, we were commissioned by the YJS Performance and Partnership board to produce the Walsall Youth Justice System Disproportionality Recommendation Report 2024-2027. This report reviews the findings of our 12-month consultation project and outlines the strategy going forward for their continued approach to addressing disproportionality within the Youth Justice System.

Find out more in the report below.

YJS Disproportionality Recommendation Report
Download PDF • 6.15MB


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