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Mastering Goal Setting: Our 5 Top Tips for 2024 Success

hand writing out list of personal goals onto paper

Welcome, goal-getters! Are you looking to kickstart your year and boost your personal and professional development? At Open Lens Media, we're all about empowering young minds and equipping them with the tools for triumph. Today, we're diving into the art of goal setting – making it engaging, achievable, and even exciting!

Read on for our top 5 tips on how you can stay focused on your goals and achieve the success you want.

1 - Break it down

Cartoon man on steps going upwards

Try to think of your goals as a staircase to success, rather than one daunting towering mountain; each step in the staircase takes you closer to the top. By breaking down big dreams into bite-sized tasks, you'll keep your focus sharp and motivation high. Remember to celebrate those mini-milestones too as they're proof of your progress after all!

2 - Make them SMART

Keep your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Ensuring all of your goals are SMART helps to keep you focused on the important things, gives you a clear journey in your mind, and makes your success more tangible for you to recognise.

3 - Visualise your success

Physical paper vision board collage

How better to picture yourself crushing your goals than with actual pictures! Here’s where we can get really creative with putting together a vision board with paper clippings, quotes to keep you motivated, photos of where you want to be when you achieve your goals, and memo notes to keep you on track. If you’re not into crafting, don’t worry, there’s a ton of digital scrapbooking websites out there for you to make it even easier.

4 - Stay flexible

As much as we’d all like our life to stick to plan, this just doesn’t always happen! Try and embrace the unpredictability of your success journey as much as you can. Your end goals can stay the same, but you may need to be more nimble with the path you take.

5 - Keep track

Paper goal review tracker with 3 pens on top

Tracking your journey towards achieving your goals isn’t just an activity to do for the sake of it. Fuel your self-motivation by having a visual guide of how you are coming along on your path. Try a journal, an app, or just a good old fashioned paper checklist - all of which would help you with seeing where you are on your journey compared to where you started.

And there you have our 5 top tips for goal-setting success! At Open Lens Media, we believe in empowering you to not only realise your dreams, but to give you the skills you need to go out and achieve them. 

Excited to progress on your professional and personal journey but not sure where to begin? Drop us an email on or fill in our self-referral form here on our website to find out how our Pathway Employability Programme can help you get on your way - Refer Yourself (Young Person) | openlensmedia.



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