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Making A Black Country Impact in Walsall

Updated: May 9, 2023

In July of this year Open Lens Media were successfully commissioned to deliver outreach and engagement provisions in the Black Country. As a result we have been working closely with the Walsall Youth Justice team to deliver a Media Production programme working with 5 fantastic young people, that looked at breaking down barriers to employment, education and training and building their confidence to help move them on to progressive opportunities.

As part of the project our group produced a film which took a deeper look into their backgrounds and some of the causes of why they chose certain paths. The film also explores the turning points in their lives and how Walsall Youth Justice and Open Lens Media have played a part in that.

The film will be screened in January 2020 at The Light Cinema in Walsall to the public and tickets will be available soon. For now though, check out our interview with the Walsall Council where our Director, Daina Anderson and some of the young people on the programme talk about the impact we're having in Walsall.



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