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Developing Character Education at Broadway Academy

Back in April 2019, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner backed Open Lens Media to deliver a Media Programme which put young people’s voices front and centre.

The result was our 12-week Our Voices Media Programme that works with Schools and Colleges to teach young people key personal and professional development skills in Media, Communication and Social Development; enabling them to enhance their skills in order to move into further education, employment or training.

During the programme students are taught technical, practical and transferable skills in Media which they then use to produce visual content as part of a campaign to raise awareness and/or to promote an issue of their choice that directly affects them within their community.

We had the privilege of working with 9 exceptional year 9 students from Broadway Academy to find out how they viewed education and how Broadway was preparing them for the future.

The result was phenomenal as they produced their own 10 minute documentary all about their Broadway experience. The film is now being showcased nationwide in discussions exploring the effects of Character Education in curriculum and you can watch it exclusively below.



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