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Catching up with Cyanne on her 1-to-1 Training Successes!

Cyanne joined us on a 1-to-1 training programme as an apprentice from the Walsall Youth Justice Service to develop her creative skills to make her work with the young people at WYJS an even more productive and fruitful experience.

From data collection to media mastery, our sessions were all about unlocking Cyanne’s creative potential and igniting a passion for innovation. Cyanne had learnt a number of new skills and picked up a range of techniques that she can use to improve her work for the rest of her apprenticeship.

Watch the testimonial above to hear from Cyanne about what she had learnt during her time with us and the shoutout that she gave to her facilitator, Rima!

Thank you Cyanne for your dedication to learning with us and for putting hard work into everything that you did; we hope that the rest of your apprenticeship continues to go well.



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