Community Partners

Together We Go Further.
Become our Community Partner

As a Community Partner, you will be providing an invaluable opportunity for young people from the local community to get to know more about the important work that you do and how it affects the world they live in.


In addition to this, you will also be providing them with an opportunity to exercise the skills that they have learnt on our programme by producing visual content for your organisation, highlighting the fantastic work that you do. 


For more information on becoming an Open Lens Media contact one of our team and we'll be happy to talk to you more about how we can help you.


Why do we want to hear from you?

At Open Lens Media we are passionate about ensuring young people have a conscious awareness about the world around them and how their actions contribute to the society they live in. As such a huge area of focus for our projects, courses and programmes is Social Action.


Therefore, we believe it is important for young people to understand and see first-hand the tireless work that goes in to tackling challenging social issues.

If you believe your organisation is a great representation of this we really want to hear from you. We would love to hear more about what you do in the hope of building a longstanding and fruitful relationship. 

To get in touch just click the button below.